Professional Voice Over Demos with Bill Farmer


Here at Toonhouse we pride ourselves on our custom boutique approach to every client.  When you work with Toonhouse, you get much more than a demo.  First, you will get an in person consultation with Bill to talk about the demo process.  Bill will work with you one on one to find your strengths and record what we call your "Voiceprint."  Based on this session, Brock will write the appropriate custom copy to showcase your strengths.  You will also receive career coaching and advice to find the right agent to help you take your career to the next level.  On the production side, Austin takes great care to sound design each spot just as carefully as a real mixer would for the finished product.  In some cases, Austin has even written music for specific spots so that they showcase the talent in the best light possible.  Should you want any changes to your demo throughout the process, Austin will do unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied.  This includes complementary future edits to include professional work you've done after the completion of your demo.  You get all of this at a price that is near impossible to beat!


The bread and butter.  Almost all voice over careers start with a great commercial demo.  Toonhouse follows the trends of modern advertising to make sure your demo would feel right at home on the radio today.  Bill has lent his voice to campaigns for Heinz and the like, so you know you're in good hands.



This is where we get to have the most "fun."  The animation demo is the showcase of all those wacky and fun voices that are stuck in your head.  We will cater custom copy and characters to match your voiceprint to show what you do best.  With over 30 years in animation working with Disney, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, and all the rest, Bill knows the ins and outs of the Animation buisiness like no one else.


Video Game

Video games are bigger than movies and with that new business comes the need for a new type of demo.  The video game demo is similar to an animation demo but with a focus on video game character archetypes and scenes over quick cuts.  In addition to the popular Kingdom Hearts series, Bill has appeared in titles for almost every major video game company.



Do you gurgle, snarl, or growl in interesting and exciting ways?  A creature demo is the perfect place to showcase that talent and land the job as "swamp zombie #4" in that next big undead franchise.