Professional Voice Over Demos with Bill Farmer

"As a frequent client of ToonHouse Studios, I'm always impressed most of all with this team's ability to Listen. Combining their knowledge of the latest industry trends, and with an ear for an actors' true sound and wheelhouse, Bill and Austin are able to deliver a demo that will have YOU sounding your best every time. Best of all, the ToonHouse Team doesn't rely on formula, you will never have to worry about your demo sounding like everyone else's. Every step from script selection and creation to editting and mastering, the Toonhouse Team had my best sound in mind. I owe a great deal to their amazing demos, that have opened some very big doors!"

"After working with Toonhouse, I don’t see how you could possibly go anywhere else. If you’ve begun your process of searching for a studio to take on your reel, you know how tough it is to find that right fit. Lots of places will hit you with unnecessary charges, put a limit on edits, use the same scripts time and time again and will project what they think is best for you so much that you end up with something that doesn’t properly showcase you as an individual. Bill and Austin have YOU in mind throughout the entire process.

They take what you’re best at and find a way to highlight it better than ever before. I was able to handcraft reels with the team that were everything I’ve always dreamed of. As a comedian and improvisor, they allowed me to have fun and play with the material to properly showcase my unique skill set instead of sticking to formula that they use for every client. They wouldn’t stop until I was thrilled with the final product. The whole process is incredibly smooth and super fun.

To work with professionals like the folks at Toonhouse is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am just so grateful that I got that chance."

“Toonhouse is absolutely fantastic! Not only are they a blast to work with, but after recording my new animation demo with them, I attracted the attention of a top agency literally within 5 MINUTES of sending it out and got signed the next day!

Granted, your results may vary... maybe you can make it in four.”

"Working with Toonhouse is absolutely amazing!!! Choosing who to trust with your demo can be very stressful but from the beginning you'll know you're in good hands with these guys.

Bill knows exactly how to direct you to a great read and it was so much fun to work with him on the kinds of characters that should be on my demo. It's clear to see why he's a legend in the industry.

Performing the characters and scenes that Brock custom wrote for me was an absolute blast and Austin polished the whole thing up and brought so much life to the final product with his amazing sound design!

From start to finish the whole process was so easy, so much fun, and I could not be happier with my demo! Thank you so much!"


“Working with Toonhouse has been amazing. After getting frustrated shopping around for a studio to produce my Animated Demo, encountering studios that either didn’t have the capabilities to produce a professional demo or studios that wanted to charge me for an “evaluation,” unnecessary classes, and a beyond reasonable amount for the actual demo, I was excited when Austin contacted me and told me about Toonhouse.

Bill and Austin immediately put me at ease by going over how they work with each actor, tailoring the demo to the person, and producing anything but “cookie cutter.” Bill and I spent a session just goofing off on the mic, exploring a ton of different impressions and characters. Once they had a gauge, they set to work, utilizing their combined years of industry experience. Bill selected (sometimes writing original) copy and gave direction that really gives a good representation of what I bring to the table. Austin underscored everything so that it really grabs your ear, not just showing you a voice, but really transporting you into each character’s world.

Their professional expertise and experience aside, they were warm, personable, and answered all my questions about the career path honestly. It was a pleasure to work with them, and I’ve never worked with professionals who were as invested in my success as a voiceover artist. They’re not just good at what they do, they’re amazing at who they are. I highly recommend Toonhouse to anyone who wants to put his or her best foot forward into the world of VO.”

“The casual, laid-back vibe at Toonhouse will make you feel like part of the family. Friendly, funny, and collaborative, go into your sessions knowing you are in good hands and just have fun. Bill is kind and encouraging, Austin brings your recording to life with masterful sound design, and Brock writes ear-catching, industry-friendly copy that showcases the best qualities of your voice. So glad to be a part of the Toonhouse fam!”

“Bill Farmer, Austin and Brock over at Toonhouse made it so easy!  The sessions were completely professional, yet relaxed and enjoyable.  They went the extra mile to make sure I was happy with their product.  Long live Toonhouse!”

"My work with the Toonhouse, Inc. team was beyond satisfying. I very much appreciate their professionalism and the excellent quality of my demo. To those in need of a well-crafted product, you won't regret working with Toonhouse! Thank you!"

"I am so ecstatic about my commercial and animation demos!!! People are always asking me where I got them done. Well, I get to tell them, with a tremendous amount of pride, that I got them done at Toonhouse Inc. These demos have opened so many doors for me. With them, I've gotten agents in San Francisco, North Carolina and London. I can't recommend Bill and Austin Farmer enough. They made the entire process so fun and easy. It was truly amazing to be able to spend our sessions collaborating, creating and laughing ( A lot of laughing). They are professional, knowledgeable and will do whatever it takes to produce the demo that will get you in the door. Bill's choice of copy and direction was phenomenal! He knows exactly what to listen for in each piece of copy as well as how to communicate it to you to get your best take. Austin is not just an engineer, he's a magician. Everything he did, from selecting the perfect music beds to how he cut all of the spots together, was seamless. Trust me, go with Toonhouse Inc. and you'll get a winning demo. Thank you Bill, Austin and Toonhouse!!"

"Bill and Austin of Toonhouse Inc, created my memorable demo full of C.H.A.R.A.C.T.E.R by:

C-hoosing the right material to show a range of voices, and emotions to create fully developed characters.

H-aving a great ear for animation to make sure everything sounded perfect.

A-rticulating direction clearly when recording the spots.

R-ecording with professional equipment.

A-llowing me to edit with new direction from myself and my agents.

C-reating the right sound effects for each scene.

T-yping back notes that were clear and quick.

E-njoying to work with great guys that are ‘goofy,’ yet professional.

R-eceiving great feedback on my finished demo that I love and feel proud of."

"Toonhouse is the best!!! I was so grateful to work with Disney Legend and complete Pro, Bill Farmer, in prepping for my voice over demos. Bill makes everything so much fun, and I felt completely safe to try new things in our sessions. He is kind, he has a terrific ear, he is thoughtful, and he's incredibly helpful in choosing appropriate material. What a gift to be learn, work and create with someone who is not only completely qualified, but also completely relevant in the VO industry. I just love him and his family and Toonhouse team!"